Friday, April 02, 2021

A poem: Sometimes, I like to watch

Sometimes, I just like to watch
Your face intense, hers passive
Your eyes on her, hers averted

Over there, her face in ecstasy
As you pull her close
And others pass by, oblivious

Lost in their own throes
Of touch, sound and feel
In their world among the rest

I see your smiles and I smile
At the pleasure you can’t hide
As the rhythm plays through you

I feel how you love his touch
While he's proud of his prowess
Both of you so happy with him

You are here, he is not
You feel his very presence
He’s forgotten you are even there

A moment of abandon
A collision. A passing apology
Tension dispersed by the beat

A thousand different steps
Expressing a single song
Countless souls sharing one passion

So unique, all of you
Engaged in a single pursuit
Two by two in the ambient light

The damp air is full
Of your sweat and devotion
I breathe it in too

Often, I am among you
Sharing your floor and your fire
But sometimes, I just like to watch


  1. Dear is so beautiful ...describes all emotions in a tango dancer...please continue the fantastic job and when you feel like publish your Poem Book...Congratulations!!­čĺÉ­čî╣